Our #1 ranked Retractable Net in the market and there are so many benefits to our great product! Our product will be shipped to your address by the latest 2 weeks!

1) COMPLETE PING PONG SET - Our 5 star Ping Pong set comes with a set of 4 paddles, 6 balls, and one retractable net to get those epic games going!  


2) ADAPTABLE TO ANY TABLE - Our special feature of the ping pong net is that it can fit onto any table! It offers the right balance and it is SUPER retractable! 


3) YOU CAN PLAY ANYWHERE: Our table allows families to play anywhere and anytime! Whether it’s a rainy day or a sunny day you can play anywhere and anytime! You can even use it for travel!


Expands to 6 Feet(1.8M)Fits Tables Up to 2.0 inch (5.0 cm) Thick

Fits tables and surfaces up to 1.75 inches thick and expands up to 5.75 feet long (longer than the width of a standard table tennis tabletop)!


Scientifically, our product enhances mental alertness, hand-eye coordination, and an overall sharp brain! Ping pong can get very energetic and super proactive making it one of the best sports to play anytime!

DREQA Single Ping Pong Set

With a personalized tote bag?

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