Games You Can Play With The DREQA Ping Pong Net

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

1 vs. 1

This game is the most basic in any level of ping-pong. It is raining have one player on each side of the table with one table tennis net in between. Usually the pair of people will play up to 11. The first person to reach 11 points win. When the score is at 10:10 they usually have to win two consecutive points in order to win the whole match. This is definitely great for one on one bonding and a serious level of competition is involved


This is where you have two players on each side of the table and they play too however many points they would like. This is really great for bonding too because there are teams on each side and they have to work together to beat the other team. With the table tennis net in between I highly suggest us if they are siblings in the family or if they are any best friends. Sometimes during these games happens where Your teammate may not really perform and you may be fed up with your teammate but with enough patience and working it out you on your teammate can have a dynamic duo thing going on

All around the table

I consider just want to be the most fun for families and friends. This is where you have the table tennis net in between and you have an unlimited amount of players that go around the table to keep the ping pong ball a life. The player who doesn’t keep the ping pong ball alive is the one that is eliminated. The last player illuminated will be the winner of the game. This creates a bunch of thrill within friends and family. There should definitely be a price for the last player to win the all-around challenge and in the upcoming months to years you’ll definitely have a prize to symbolize the winner of this fun game