Ping Pong Accessories

DREQA began with a New Yorker named Elijah Abankwah. Every day after work Elijah would play the amazing game of ping pong for hours upon hours just because he loved it that much. One day Elijah was casually looking for a place to play ping-pong rather than at his workplace. The only options he had were renting indoor spaces or buying a large table tennis that could barely fit his apartment. Elijah also loved the sport so much that he wanted to spread the sport all over the U.S. and worldwide. After coming across this opportunity and this desire, Elijah decided to create a product that can allow people all over the world to play ping-pong in a more convenient way. He then went about these pursuits and found a table tennis net that was able to attach to any table. Elijah decided to become the major player in selling these awesome nets. With hard work and determination, he was able to work with suppliers all over the world and he was able to complete his mission of having families play ping pong in a more convenient and faster way.


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